A little introduction

It may seem odd for a teddy bear to have a weblog, but why not? Everyone else seems to these days, and my life is pretty interesting. First off, my people are adults not kids — which makes life a lot harder than you might think. Teddy bears expect to be protecting kids — we’re trained for that. Grown ups have all kinds of problems that you never expect.

But, I’ve been with Lea since she was mostly grown — so I’m pretty used to it. I first met her when she was around 19. She found me in a store in Massachussetts and took me all the way to Miami, which was a great place to live. We’ve been together ever since.

She met Wallace maybe five years later and now we’ve all been together ever since. I like Wallace. The first night we met, we played air piano, and he draws great pictures of me. (don’t worry, I’ll post some.)

We have lots of other friends, like my cousin Buttercream. He’s lived with us for a while, along with Pup, Somebunny, Buzzy, and Buzz. I’ll tell you more about all of them later.


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